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At Ethos Golf, you can take advantage of one of the finest 3D golf simulators anywhere—one that creates the most accurate and immersive experience possible.

You can play some of the most renowned courses in the world. Get detailed feedback to upgrade your game. And collect data that tracks your improvement.

One of the best features of the simulator is the integrated video recording system, which records your swing simultaneously from five different cameras. As a result, you can quickly analyze and make improvements in your form.

Through an app on your phone, the system will recognize you each time you visit and pull up your personalized data, saving you time and helping you measure your progress

From tee to green, the aG simulator at Ethos Golf can help you develop every facet of your game.


indoor golf practice

90+ Games & Courses

Immerse yourself while playing renowned courses from around the globe in 4K high-definition! Click here to view our course list.

indoor golf practice

Revolutionary Tracking

Accurately track your ball and swing data in real-time with the industry-leading 3Trak technology.

MB 360 Range

Hone your skills and lock in your distances with a variety of unique range venues including the MB 360 Range developed in partnership with PGA Teacher of the Year, Michael Breed.


Membership is $239 plus tax a month, with unlimited access to our facilities. There is a minimum commitment of 90 days.

Our facilities are available to members 24 hours a day.

You can reserve a facility up to 10 days in advance. Up to 4 hours can be reserved within any 10 day period with a maximum of two hours per reservation. We allow one reservation per member per day.

You can have unlimited monthly visits. Of course, some practice times will be more popular than others.

Yes. Each time you visit, you may bring one guest with you. You may also bring your immediate family members with you.

No. For the time you reserve, the entire facility will be yours alone.

First, you let us know that you’re interested. Next, we’ll give you a facility tour. After you join, we’ll give you an orientation that shows you how to take advantage of the many practice tools and activities.

Yes we have PGA Certified instructors that are available for additional fee.