Advanced trainingfrom PuttView

What's the easiest way to lower your score? By making big strides in your short game.

Of course, putting practice can get boring. That's why Ethos Golf offers an advanced technology called PuttView that makes practicing your putting more fun and effective.

An interactive learning environment, PuttView instantly calculates any putt, projects it directly on the green, and tracks your shot in real time. Then, it gives you feedback on your performance.

Whether you're a beginning or veteran golfer, PuttView can help you perfect your game to achieve better results on the greens.


puttview interactive screen

Guided Practice

Improve your practice sessions! With PuttView you can re-create every putt, choose from one of our predefined exercises or set up your own drills.

interactive putting green

Free Practice

Play from anywhere to any position on the green and choose your preferred visual aids. There are almost unlimited putting options for you to choose.

interactive putting green

Putting Games

Playful learning with Games for Single or Multiplayers alike. Choose a game and improve your putting while having fun with your friends.


Membership is $239 plus tax a month, with unlimited access to our facilities. There is a minimum commitment of 90 days.

Our facilities are available to members 24 hours a day.

You can reserve a facility up to 10 days in advance. Up to 4 hours can be reserved within any 10 day period with a maximum of two hours per reservation. We allow one reservation per member per day.

You can have unlimited monthly visits. Of course, some practice times will be more popular than others.

Yes. Each time you visit, you may bring one guest with you. You may also bring your immediate family members with you.

No. For the time you reserve, the entire facility will be yours alone.

First, you let us know that you’re interested. Next, we’ll give you a facility tour. After you join, we’ll give you an orientation that shows you how to take advantage of the many practice tools and activities.

Yes we have PGA Certified instructors that are available for additional fee.